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The Life & Times Of An Amateur Archer

What I Think I do!

I’m not a huge fan of internet memes, probably because I’m really interested in popular culture and of course to be right up there in the trending zone, you need … Continue reading

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I love lists!

As I’m a self-confessed flibertyjibbet, I often find myself thinking of things that I’d like to blog about at the strangest of times; like sitting in a meeting, talking fiends, … Continue reading

July 1, 2012 · 1 Comment

New Bow Practice Shoot

Today was my first shooting practice with my new bow so despite the slightly dodgy weather, I was really looking forward to getting out onto the field and letting some … Continue reading

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Project Gym Bunny

One of the things that I’ve noticed about archery is the number of muscles I never knew I had! It’s probably become more obvious now that I’ve upped my draw … Continue reading

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Girls, Boys & Shiny New Toys

I confess myself to be a lover off all things spangly, I’m just as bad as your typical boy and his toy! All the technical equipment was one of the things … Continue reading

June 30, 2012 · 1 Comment

Talking Tutors

After a long chat with a few of the regulars on Tuesday, we got around to talking about tutors / coaches to help me improve my form. Apparently there has … Continue reading

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A lot of people in my local club need complete quiet to settle down and shoot their best. The firing line can get a little busy, especially on a summers … Continue reading

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Whatever the Weather?

Today’s forecast kind of sums up the typical summer weather; cloudy with a chance of massive raindrops so sadly there was no shooting for me. Call me a wuss, but … Continue reading

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T’interweb T-shirts

Being the self-confessed geek-queen that I am, I love browsing the internet for all kinds of goodies to keep me amused so here’s a few of my fave archery related … Continue reading

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Zen No Thought & The Art Of Shooting

So last night’s shoot was particularly frustrating. Despite the evening being gorgeous, everyone else being focused as they were taking part in an informal tournie, I just couldn’t settle into … Continue reading

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