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The Life & Times Of An Amateur Archer

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Originally this blog was going to be about my random activities in my search to become a better, happier girl and hopefully have some fun along the way but I’ve decided to focus on my archery journey because it’s gives me a positive structure and minimizes whinge!

Archery Info

I’m a novice bowgirl currently shooting recurve after completing an introductory course in April of this year and joining my local club. I try to shoot at least once or twice a week if not more often; work so often stands in the way, as does the Great British Weather!

My bow is mainly Sebastian Flute at the moment and I have plans to update and replace the parts as necessary. I’ve only recently started to score my ends and I’ll be starting to get my scores down on paper so that I can keep a track of my progress as hopefully I improve enough to start competing.

I shoot with Malvern Archers having taken their beginners course in April this year. Of the 15 or so people who joined together to shoot, there are now 6/7 full time members who are happily learning together. The guys and gals at the club have taken me very much under their wing, and I’m learning day by day.

Non-Archery Info

I’m a 20something girlie-tomboy with a mind that has been compared to a whirlwind, the gutter and an empty vassal. Occasionally I can be funny, usually because I’ve just fallen flat on my face, dropped something or started giggling because I’ve just got the punchline of a joke someone told about ten minutes ago. Sometimes I can be quite the moody mare, but I guess it’s something we all can be.

I work as a Data Analyst and spend most of my days gazing at spreadsheets, making charts and looking for patterns which means that I am an avid fan of all things caffeine related. Fortunately for me, my team keep me organised and between us we somehow manage to get our projects done on time.

A lot of my week day evenings are spent kicking ass on my xbox360 – my current games of choice are Mass Effect 3, Halo:Reach, Left4Dead2 and occasionally Skyrim. I’m very lucky to have a bunch of lovely friends who are willing to act as bait, bring me my shotgun and put up with my inability to drive any vehicles.

I love music, movies and the great outdoors although sadly I don’t get out as much as I’d like… I guess that’s the down side to living in a city.. even one as small as Worcester. Fortunately I get out geocaching on a fairly regular basis, and I live close enough to the river that it only takes 20 minutes or so to feel like you’ve left a lot of the city behind.


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