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I suck at Social Media

Truly, I am all kinds of rubbish – despite setting up this blog and promising faithfully to get my big behind into gear and actually keep up with it, I’ve found myself stuck in the inevitable rut of ‘I’ve not posted in ages, what’s the point in posting?’ which goes on for months until I suddenly kick myself back online!

I really do need to make sure that I keep on top of actually posting, and have a jolly good babble about how things are going.

On a happy note, life seems to be treating me well – I seem to have met my very own Robin Hood who is also an archer (rather more talented, and certainly more experienced than I) so weekends have started to revolve around shooting times and archery related buffoonery… which can only be a good thing of course.

As a club, we have finally had to admit defeat and leave the cold nights to themselves and move indoors. Sadly, this means that there are still cold nights (our range is blooming freezing) but at least we can actually see something and even the longbowers have a chance to hit the target (/sniggers cheekily).

Being back indoors also means that I am getting into the swing of some coaching which is doing my confidence the world of good even though we are using the tiny-tiny FITA faces which confused me so much that I string slapped my arm somewhere into next month, let along next week.

Apparently one of my problems is that I’ve been developing a worrying case of target panic which was weirdly helped by changing my sight for one without a pin as I was relaxing more and focusing on my form and release rather than the actual score.. which is probably a good thing as I’m befuddled by indoor scoring.


So come on readers out there… tell me your story – what new with you??


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