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Right now I’m sat cross legged at the field watching some of the club shoot whilst I rest my poor aching shoulders.

Although I have finished a little earlier than I was expecting, tonight’s shoot has been very satisfying.

Firstly, I seem to be grouping very comfortably at 40 yards. I’ve even been getting 3/4 shots happily in the gold… Which was nice.

I’ve also had to work hard at being focussed this evening; the weather is hot and sticky, there are midgies and flies galore and my favourite distractions have been here making me giggle.

Lastly, I have had the very satisfying experience of shooting off my first nock in the gold! Huzzah! Shame it means that I’m down to 5 shootable arrows as two need fletching, and the other has now lost a nock…

Still, I’m feeling rather pleased with myself 🙂



4 comments on “NockSplittertastic

  1. Rob Jones
    July 27, 2012

    Good news / bad news
    Good you are getting a tight grouping on shots, bad because you are one arrow down 🙂

    • MsVolcanicity
      July 28, 2012

      😀 lucky for me one of my buddies has re-fletched my broken ones and I have 7 at my disposal again! 🙂

      • Rob Jones
        July 30, 2012

        until you shoot the next nock off 🙂

      • MsVolcanicity
        July 31, 2012

        Wishful thinking! Perhaps I will get some tips at the Olympics tomorrow!! 😀

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