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Serious Sunday

I should really start with an apology for being so lame and not updating this blog in longer than a while. Life has been kinda hectic (good, but hectic!) and I’ve just not had as much time to get blogging.

Still, that said I’ve managed to get myself into gear and take some time out to get some blogging done.

I’ll leave out the various practice sessions from last week – frankly they were very fun for me to do, but probably less fun to read about… especially as my usual problem of left hand shooting was right back to haunt me. At least now I know exactly what is causing it, and how to cure it… I just don’t seem to be able to get myself together enough to release properly unless I’m concentrating so hard that it makes my brain ache.

More interestingly, yesterday my club hosted their 8th Open Nationals and I had the chance to toddle along to my first proper tournament.

Despite the wind, and the fact that I was more than a little hungover (don’t ask) it really was glorious!

To be honest, the conditions for shooting were far from ideal. You could hear the gentle grumbles and groans every time you walked down the line and I’m pretty sure that there was more than one swear word uttered!

Maybe it’s because my experience of competitions have been either through hockey tournaments (all the players stand around slagging off the opposition), riding meets (all the riders stand around slagging off the opposition) or school sports day (all the girls stand around slagging off the opposition), but I was genuinely surprised by how friendly everyone was; they were all absolutely lovely.

Despite my banging head (no, you still can’t ask!) I managed to get myself together and think about getting the raffle¬†paraphernalia together and go bother people into buying tickets. I confess myself slightly nervous about having to go bug people but in hind-sight I think that it was a great way to get out there, meet people and actually enjoy myself.

I was amazed by the number of archery widows and widowers who were out there on the field supporting their better other halves. I know that the weather was glorious, but still it was lovely to see some spectators.

Considering the windy conditions, people did seem to be enjoying themselves shooting out in the sunshine although obviously the scores weren’t as high as people might have hoped. In fact, as I wandered up and down the lines jazz-handing until people paid me money to go away you could tell just how bad the swirling was by the grunty/grumbly noises…

I’m very pleased to say that overall, my club did really rather well and ended up winning several of the individual prizes (Gent’s Compound, Ladies Recurve for example) as well as the overall shield for the club competition.

Miles of smiles!


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