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The Light Bulb Moment

Last night’s shoot was one of my most frustrating, and most rewarding sessions I’ve had in a while.

In my seemingly never ending quest not to shoot wildly off to the left, I’ve been working through 101 different tweaks to try and cure myself. Rotating my left arm a little further, trying to hold my head that little bit straighter and holding my right elbow perpendicular to the ground more naturally.

None of them seemed to be giving me any improvements and frankly, yesterday saw me reaching the end of my tether and almost packing away after only half an hour of shooting.

Lucky for me, the others in the club are far too experienced to let my sulkiness get the better of me and after a few minutes chat with the Granddaddy of the group I managed to get my game face back on and get started again from the very beginning.

And tonight, after some acute concentration, I finally manged to haul my wayward arrows from the dreaded 10/11 o’clock on the target across to the gold and hey presto! Left-leanings cured!

For one end at least…


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